Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The craft

If you visit this site, you will see that it has studied the art works displayed on the set of Bewitched over its eight year run. The works featured on the walls of 1164 Morning Glory Circle between 1964 and 1972 have all been identified and annotated, with notes on set changes and locations within the Bewitched set. As the site so thoughtfully describes the research parameters and issues faced tracking works. “The show's set decorators frequently added new pieces to Samantha and Darrin's collection, usually after a set was "freshened up" and given a new look. However, a few paintings seemed to move around at will, leading the show's viewers on a merry chase as they appeared, disappeared and then reappeared in certain rooms without explanation.”

And we’re telling you this because? Well, while we are having no luck getting a number on the PhDs expected to graduate annually from Elam (see side bar on right) we are keen to help. In the 15 years that Shortland Street has aired on TVNZ a wide range of art has been displayed on set. How about a list (BFA), an annotation of locations, provenance and artist biographies (MFA) or a speculation on contemporary art as a metaphor in medical soap operas (PhD)?

Images: Rembrandt’s Girl at Half-Open Door as seen hanging in Samantha and Darrin's home in the late 1960's.