Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Comments: Turn on, or a turn off?

Since it started overthenet has had its comments feature turned both on and off. At present we respond to emails and pass on most information we receive. When the comments were on there were some points of interest but also heavy-handed opining like this:

Dear Mary-Jim Barr,

Well - I must say, this current non-blog entry - as one can't actually
'blog' on your 'blogsite' - really does take the Lemington for
inanity. Not only do you not 'publish' i.e. post responses, you
threaten 'name and shame'. How damnably tabloid. Like being mauled by
a lamb.

Along with the petty gossip and unfounded innuendo - you also manage
to add to the art world bilge with outright misrepresentation and

You clearly have an enormous amount of time on your collective hands.
Hands ringing with misguided, misplaced and unrequited angst.
Perhaps Timewasters.com might be a better moniker for your
neoconservative hogwash. I highly recommend crochet.

Shouldn't collectors be out collecting, leaving artists alone in a
garret to 'make art', without the chattering classes chattering?
Really – you should be ashamed!

Good luck with the future. Publish and be damned.

Kind Regards,

Edward Etherington Esq.

Still, if you’d like the comments section turned on, let us know.