Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Where are they now – Gary Sangster

In the late eighties, and for the briefest time, Gary Sangster was senior curator at the National Art Gallery in Wellington. Since then he has been a curator at the New Museum in New York and museums in Cleveland and Baltimore. Now he is the Director of Headlands Center for the Arts, an artist residency program in San Francisco. The residencies are housed in an old army complex with up to 20 artists working there at a time. The Center has also commissioned a number of artists to fit-out various rooms in the Headlands buildings. The communal dining room was designed, decorated and furnished by Ann Hamilton. She collected an eclectic variety of chairs, crockery and kitchen utensils from locals and other artists to fit out the area as well as design the spaces and functions.
Details of Ann Hamilton's installation are pictured above.