Monday, December 18, 2006

For the Nation Part 2

More from Te Papa’s Annual Report. This time a list of the scholarly and popular articles published by the visual arts curators and staff over the twelve months ended 30 June 2006.

Scholarly articles
1 Natasha Conland, an article on Saskia Leek in Broadsheet number 35
2 Tony Mackle, an article on Stewart McLennan in the Journal of New Zealand Art History
3 Jonathan Mane-Wheoki, a chapter in a book co-authored with Edward Lucie-Smith and Noel Hilliard The art of Robyn Kahukiwa.
4 Jonathan Mane-Wheoki, an article in Art and social change: contemporary art in Asia and the Pacific edited by C Turner.
5 Athol McCredie an article on public art galleries in the Journal of Museums Aotearoa

Popular articles
No popular article were recorded.