Thursday, December 07, 2006

Grabbing the ball by its ferns

This perfect homage to Neil Dawson’s Ferns can be found in Masterton. When Neil came up with his idea for this sculpture for Wellington’s Civic Square, he knew it would become an icon. What he surely did not imagine was how many times the work would be reproduced - and in what strange and wonderful ways. This year Christmas banners around Wellington sport Ferns as a bright silver decoration inside a yellow sun-burst, on top of a green triangle (read tree). Our favourite Ferns hustlers use the folk at Café Press who make possible fine Fern Ball (sic) products including the Fern Ball Jr. Spaghetti Tank, the Fern Ball clock, the Fern Ball throw pillow and - you know you need one - the Fern Ball BBQ Apron. Rush now to Café Press and order up large for Christmas.