Thursday, December 14, 2006

The gavel and the cell phone - a Christmas story

At the recent Sotheby's auction Tobias Meyer, having driven the price of Picasso's Boy with a pipe up to $US 72 million, looked up to see underbidder Larry Gagosian snap his cell phone closed and put it in his pocket. About to knock the painting down, Meyer paused and sensed something was not quite right. Looking over at Gagosian he asked if he would like " a little more time". The ├╝ber dealer looked up, tapped his neighbour on the arm, and borrowing his phone punched in his client's number. The connection re-established - Gagosian's phone, it turned out had run out of juice - Meyer took the bidding up another 20 million. Auctions - you gotta love 'em. Original story Vanity Fair Art Issue