Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tied up

Peter Peryer has sent us this image of the photograph he took of David Mealing. It was shot in the library wing of the Auckland Art Gallery before it became part of the gallery. The image appeared on the catalogue for a performance that David did at the Manawatu Art Gallery called Crucifixion in April 1978. It may have been in response to Andrew Drummond's performance of the same name which was performed in Christchurch in March. That performance ended with Drummond in court on a charge of offensive behaviour. The case was eventually dismissed by the judge who although he found the work "ill-mannered, in bad taste, crude and offensive" decided the nudity was within the bounds of community standards.
Additional Information: Luit Bieringa tells us that the Crucifixion work David Mealing (search Mealing for posting) had planned for the Manawatu Art Gallery in Palmerston North was in fact cancelled by the gallery director.