Thursday, November 30, 2006

For the Nation

For everyone who has not received a copy of Te Papa's latest Annual Report here is a list of the paintings (New Zealand and international), drawings, sculptures, installations and photographs purchased in the 2005-2006 year.

Paintings New Zealand
5 x Tony de Latour (includes 3 donations)
Paintings International
2 x portraits of John Greenwood and 1 of Admiral Sir Edward Hughes (both donated)
8 x pages from Hicksville by Dylan Horrocks
3 x Judy Darragh
1 x Francis Upritchard
1 x Derek Cherrie (maquettes of the Supraluxe Suite)
4 x by Jason Hall (3 x brooches and 1 x necklace)
1 x Sara Hughes
1 x Yuk King Tan
1 x Anne Noble
16 x Gary Blackman
12 x John Fields
9 x Gary Baigent
5 x Max Oettli
3 x Lisa Reihana