Wednesday, November 29, 2006


29 November. At the Enjoy opening last night one of the exhibits was a table with memorabilia (catalogues, posters and clippings) of David Mealings work from the 70s. We have seen David on and off over the years, in supermarkets and on the street, and for a long time he was the director of the Petone Settlers Museum. In fact he got the museum going which, although very small, was a model community museum letting locals look up genealogy information and participating in the exhibitions and the growth of the collection. In many ways the museum was a continuation of his seventies work which looked at the interaction of social and museum structures. Also noticed a reproduction of a poster for a performance Mealing did at Palmerston North (possibly) with a photo of him gagged and bound on the floor, it’s a terrific image that was taken by Peter Peryer. At the opening there was a circle of chairs occupied by some Massey staff who were deep in conversation and behind them a stack of benches of the kind you used to see in church halls. There was probably more but will need to go back to see it.