Thursday, November 30, 2006

Pattern recognition

This terrific book, Disruptive Pattern Material: an Encyclopedia of Camouflage, came as a gift from our friends et al. If there is anything that has ever had camouflage on it not represented we can't find it. Essential reading for anyone who likes playing Hide and Seek. One interesting change has been the way the armed forces have turned to digital style camouflage. It seems that the old style was too easily recognised and able to be picked up by electronic scanners - another victory for photography. For an interesting article connecting camouflage with art check out Roy R Behrens on the Tate Gallery site.
ADDITIONAL INFO FROM DM: During WW1, Norman Wilkinson promoted a new camouflage scheme. Instead of trying to conceal the ship, it broke up its lines and made it more difficult for the U-boat captain to determine the ship's course.