Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The hunger games

There's no wrath like the fury of a newspaper and the NZ Herald is certainly on the tail of the Auckland waterfront sculpture commissioned from Michael Parekowhai. Buoyed by the response to its story revealing a leaked computer drawing of the work, the NZH has constructed another one. It's headlined "Readers up in arms over stupid state house sculpture" and yes, it's based on its own readers' reactions to a rough black and white schematic of the sculpture. This gives no idea of the work on its intended site or how it will look which is why (as the NZH of course knows) the Council kept the image confidential until a more developed version of the idea was presented. But the NZH feels it's got a runner and trumpeted that it had "received huge feedback about the article” and certainly enough to run another story in the spirit of we don't just report the news, we are the news.

OK, how huge is 'huge feedback'? (for some reason the NZH didn’t include this figure). Turns out as of 10.30 this morning 78 emails had been received by the Herald on the subject and yes, all but six were outraged (135 Against 15 For at 4pm).

So .0052 percent of the population of Auckland thinks a small black and white computer drawing of a sculpture the size of a house is stupid. The news as it happens.