Wednesday, August 06, 2014


Creative New Zealand has just announced the venue for Simon Denny’s outing at the Venice Biennale. This time it’s a new location, the grand salon of the Marciana Library in San Marco Square. No big surprise that Denny’s work is going to be about information so expect to see a collision of the digital and analogue worlds. A clue to what Denny might be up to can be found in the name of a special consultant to the project: Nicky Hager. He’s written extensively about New Zealand’s role as one of the furtive five that controversially gather and analyse the digital communications of citizens around the world. In fact the Denny installation will take its name from Hager’s book Secret Power. So, great location, provocative idea and, knowing Simon Denny, more surprises to come.

Image: Simon Denny in his Berlin studio looking at an image of the grand salon of the Marciana Library