Monday, August 11, 2014

Follow the money

The latest Quick Response grants have been announced by Creative NZ. These are essentially the non-institutional grants and the main way individual artists can get direct funding for their work. In this round $65,387 was given to visual artists which is about 13.25 percent of the total or 18.3 percent if you leave out  Maori and Pacific funding grants of $136.9 thousand which CNZ have included in the Quick Response Grant list this year. But don’t get your hopes up too much, the visual arts only at 10.9 percent of the total Creative NZ funding rounds so far this year.

The guys did well with grants going to seven men and only two women. The men also managed to swing $40,300 of the $54,800 allocated to individual artists. If you want to follow the money you need to leave the country with over half of the total visual arts grants (again minus the $136.9 thousand) going to off shore projects including education, exhibitions and research. Of the nine individual artists funded five are based in Auckland and one in the South Island.

You can see the full list here