Thursday, July 05, 2012

One day at the Japanese sex toy manufacturers

[translated from the Japanese

Exec 1: These egg-shaped things are kahwaai [cute or scary tr

Exec 2: And they work like a dream … 

E1: [pause] 

E2: …so they say. 

E1: Well they certainly look nice and they don’t leak which is a good thing 

E2: The Cup is a winner too. Smart insertion mechanism 

E1: So, what’s your packaging strategy? 

E2: I’m thinking artist branding 

E1: OK, but don't tell me it's Pollock. We can do without bringing up that dripping problem we had last year 

E2: I was wondering about Lichtenstein. You know, ‘WHAAM! Use the egg’ 

E1: Nice, but maybe a bit frightening for first-time users 

E2: How about Damien Hirst? We could cover them with sores [could also be spots tr

E1: [silence] 

E2: Or Richard Serra? 

E1: I don't think so I've heard he’s too hard [both execs blush] to get on with

E2: OK. Let’s do Keith Herring and just go with the fish theme 

And there we must leave them. 

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