Friday, July 27, 2012

Head job

Fabricators are among the unsung heroes of the art world. They're like the film crews who climb the mountain first so they can get shots of the heroic mountaineer scaling the peak. We've featured some of these people before but this time we can combine it with an art-at-the-movies twist. 

American Kate Lang was a fabricator and props maker for the Young Hercules franchise of the late 1990s. Among the props she created was an over-scale head of Ares, the character played by Kevin Smith. The head was carved from polystyrene and bronzed for use on the set. Much later the head was discovered by Rohan Wealleans. With a paint job and further modifications it now features in his City Gallery exhibition

You can see more of Kate Lang’s work here. If you want to create your own art work from a West Auckland movie prop, you can get a nifty giant hand with torch going for the asking if you rush on over to TradeMe

Images: left, the head of Ares as originally created for Young Hercules and right, Rohan Wealleans' transformation at the City Gallery