Thursday, July 19, 2012


The Simpsons has just screened its 500th episode in New Zealand and we’ve never mentioned the most unusual guest star ever to appear on the show: American artist Jasper Johns. Now Johns isn’t exactly known as one of the art world’s blabber mouths and the Simpsons kept him right on brand. He got only 11 words including “Yoinks”. Here’s what he had to say.

Astrid (voiced by Isabella Rossellini): Congratulations, Homer. You're now a professional artist. 

Homer: Woo-hoo! Look, Marge, my first sale! In your face, Jasper Johns! 

[Jasper Johns, interrupted in stealing a light bulb from a fixture, runs away]

Astrid: [floating on a log] I love it, Homer! You've turned this town into a work of art! I just wish Jasper Johns hadn't stolen my boat. 

Johns (voiced by Johns): [speeds by on a motorboat, splashing Astrid] So long, suckers! … 

Homer: Lisa, all great artists love free food. Check out Jasper Johns. 

Johns: [stuffing food in his jacket] You squeal on me, I'll kill you. 

 Johns: [approaches on his boat, climbs on the Simpsons' roof and steals Marge's painting] Yoink! 

 Image: Homer makes art in episode 222, April 1999 featuring Jasper Johns