Monday, June 18, 2012

Your tax dollar at work

The latest round of Creative New Zealand funding has been announced. 

Here are some of the numbers: 

14      the number of visual arts grants 

25      the percentage of the total funding given to the visual arts 

43      the percentage of visual arts grants given to offshore ventures 

71       the number of grants awarded 23,293 average amount in dollars per grant. 

29,821     the average amount in dollars per visual arts grant 

1,653,814   the total amount in dollars on offer 

And here’s how much and for what: 

$30,200 Portikus towards an extensive monograph published on Michael Stevenson 

$15,153 Hopkinson Cundy towards the presentation of a solo exhibition by Ruth Buchanan at Liste 17, Basel 
$23,347 Michael Lett Gallery towards a solo presentation by Simon Denny at Art Statements, Art Basel

$18,989 Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art towards a site-specific artwork by Dane Mitchell in 2012 
$28,500 Melanie Oliver & Laura Preston towards the exhibition of works by Marnie Slater and William Hsu for City States in association with the Liverpool Biennial 2012 

$65,000 Queensland Art Gallery / Gallery of Modern Art towards the participation of New Zealand artists in the 7th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art 

$50,000 Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki towards New Zealand artists' presentations at the 5th Auckland Triennial 
$40,000 Headland Sculpture On The Gulf Ltd towards artists' fees for the biennial outdoor sculpture exhibition on Waiheke Island 
$44,102 RM Gallery on K-Road in Auckland towards a 12 month series of exhibitions and events 

$32,070 Maria de Jong towards the development of a book about Maori sculptor Fred Graham 
 $15,380 Ruth Buchanan towards the production of a new artist's book The weather, a building

$35,000 Mark Williams towards the development of editorial content and the collection of works for an artist film and video site 

$12,000 Mike Ting towards second semester attendance at the European Graduate School, Switzerland 

Other exhibitions: 
$7,750 New Zealand Icefest towards six artists' presentations on their work following visits to Antarctica 

Image: a pie