Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dum da da dee da

While it’s no big secret in New Zealand that Alan Gibbs owns the biggest Bernar Venet in the world, in Nice there are so many B Venets all over the town that it makes you think he must be a local boy (he is). 

Of course not everyone can have the biggest public Venet so he obligingly makes a range of sizes. The ones we spotted in Nice were in Medium and Petit. Unfortunately M. Venet had reckoned without the fearless skateboarders of Nice and the diligent local authorities who have been obliged to add a couple of judder bars to one Venet to keep the kids at bay. A shame really as it would have been something to watch someone come down that pipe. 

Images: Bernar Venet public sculptures in Nice, top, Medium, bottom, Petit and bottom right Petit with judder bars.