Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pie in the eye

In Australia no one counts like the CoUNTess counts. Does the M in MCA stand for Men? That's what the CoUNTess found, helping things along with a reconstructed piece of the Sydney based Museum of Contemporary Art's PR.

"New Acquisitions in Context celebrates five years of the MCA ’s successful New Acquisitions series of exhibitions featuring mainly male artists. It is presented throughout the Museum’s Level 4 galleries and showcases recent acquisitions of mainly male artists alongside selected works of mainly male artists from the existing MCA and JW Power Collections.

Collecting mainly male artists is a vital part of the MCA ’s activities and is crucial in terms of supporting male artists and preserving their work for future generations. The MCA is the not the only museum in Australia dedicated to collecting and exhibiting contemporary art by mainly male artists. New Acquisitions in Context provides visitors with the opportunity to experience a diverse selection of Australian and international art by male artists as well as offering an insight into how the MCA Collection of mainly male artists is developed."