Monday, March 28, 2011

By the numbers: international edition

2       The number recovered of the 37 works by Auguste Rodin that were stolen between 2000 and 2010

3       The different versions of the Mona Lisa revealed by x-ray

7.66 The price in dollars per seed paid for 160,000 of Ai Weiwei’s handmade porcelain Sunflower Seeds (Kui Hua Zi)

13     The amount in millions of dollars that artist Jeff Koons has spent purchasing farmland since 2006

14     The number of pets buried alongside art collector Peggy Guggenheim

47    The number of days Matisse's Le Bateau once hung upside down in the Museum of Modern Art in New York

152   The height in metres that the bodies would have to be if they were in scale to the heads on Mount Rushmore

776   The amount in millions of dollars that Australian Superannuation funds have invested in art objects