Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Go figure

You figure that one of the reasons life drawing might have vanished from art schools is that people don’t like sitting round in the nude any more, particularly when being stared at. Anyone who did life drawing at art school will remember the hilarity that usually accompanied the class. The truth is that most of us didn't get to see many naked bodies, and especially not old ones in bad repair which were the speciality then at Ilam. 

But now help is at hand thanks to an ingenious Japanese app (who else would even think of it?) that lets you take your nude model with you in your pocket. With Posemaniacs you can get a naked figure to strike a pose, any pose you like, and a few you probably won’t. Then it’s just a matter of pulling out a pen and pad and getting on with it. Life drawing in the bus, on the street, or even in the bath.