Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Following up on this morning’s art advocacy post (well lack of art advocacy), it wasn’t always so. That fact was highlighted when we heard that Hamish Keith rather than CNZ has started an internet contact point for people to register lost or at risk art in Christchurch. The idea is to compile a list that can be forwarded on to deconstructionists (the new word for demolition) and enable artworks to be removed if possible before buildings come down. Back in the day when Hamish was Chair of the Arts Council – and even when he wasn’t – his voice was always to be heard when anything related to culture was up for discussion, at threat or under ridicule. CNZ should shell out a few bob and bring him in to advise on how they can power up their public connection to daily cultural events.To register artworks that are lost or at risk in Christchurch go to: www.lostartchch.org.nz

Image: The Volcanoe Cafe and Lava Bar in Lyttelton where artworks were rescued before deconstruction