Monday, July 19, 2010

Spot the difference

“Despite the dirt, what they both found was a painting in good condition ...”
Te Papa conservator Melanie Carlisle and European art curator Vicki Robson on the purchase of Poedua reported in The Dominion Post 10 July 2010

“The painting will need to undergo extensive conservation work and Te Papa conservators are confident it can be restored it to the artist’s intention.”
Te Papa media release 20 July 2010

“The purchase, one of Te Papa's largest, did not affect any other planned purchases or projects.”
Te Papa Manager Communications Jane Keig on the purchase of Poedua to TVNZ 10 July

“Spending so much was, however, a big decision when one or other of the other versions could have been borrowed for display here. Hippolite acknowledges that the cost "means other [unspecified Te Papa] programmes will be slowed down a bit".
Te Papa CEO Michelle Hippolite in the New Zealand Herald 17 July