Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stunt double?

Architects aren’t famous for loving art. Some of them may collect it but, with a few famous exceptions, their buildings usually try to put art in its place rather than creating a great place for art. A neat indicator of the architect/art nexus are those squiggles architects put in their presentations to clients to indicate generic sculpture dotted round the promised building.

In a new twist on this theme, a drawing promoting a Wellington apartment block in the Dominion Post, collaged in a sculpture that looks for all the world like a Paul Dibble. 

Strangely the media release – sorry, article - that accompanies the image claims, “a high profile artist, yet to be named has designed a sculpture for the front of the new complex.” Has Paul Dibble just been used as a place marker, or is he high-profile-guy? We’ll keep an eye out and, if the ‘complex’ is ever built, answer that question.