Thursday, July 29, 2010

Duelling cats

If you wanted to work out if the art world is out of the recession you’d be hard pressed to tell from the catalogues of the two big auctions coming up tonight and next week. Both feature Julian Dashper works on their covers – although Webb's have sneaked their drum skin round the back. In terms of anticipated returns (based on lower estimates) Webb’s have four works at $100,000 and over, Art + Object have two. For works with lower estimates $50,000 and over Webb’s have nine to Art + Object’s three. 

Good work is always difficult to get and Webb’s have secured high value works by Michael Parekowhai and Shane Cotton along with regular auction boosters Don Binney and Bill Hammond. Oddly Art + Object is featuring a Goldie as one of its top priced offerings which feels rather off brand for the 21st century auction house but, things being what they are, understandable. 

Bargain of the year? The small Julian Dashper velvet painting Arthur’s Pass estimated by A+O at between $4,000 and $6,000.

Images: Top, the front of A+O and the back of Webb’s. Bottom, vice-versa