Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ruby Saturday

Nowadays artists working with designers and the fashion industry has become a commonplace like was it back early in the last century when the Ballet Russes took in many artists and Elsa Schiaparelli played with the Surrealists. Such collaborations are back in earnest but there's a clear frontrunner. Let's hear it fors American all purpose hotshot Ruby Sterling . He has teamed up with Belgian designer Raf Simons for around six years now and between them they've produced some very convincing challenges to men’s fashion. Simons also works with Roger Hiorns the English Turner Prize nominee who back in 2008 covered the entire interior of a London council flat with a layer of deep blue copper-sulphate crystals. And it works both ways: Simons is a major collector of both artists' work. Here’s Simons and Sterling’s latest runway show. It starts slow and you need to push through an ad at the start but as they say, it rewards effort.