Thursday, September 04, 2014

One day at the Branjolina mansion

Potential Bride: Have you ever noticed how incredibly talented our children are?

Potential Groom: Do we have to do this marriage thing?

PB: (ignores him) I mean, the way they are so creative. Way beyond their years really…

PG: They’re only three, or four, or is the oldest one six? He certainly seems to be taller than the others.

PB (ignores him) Like, did you seen the drawings Maddox, Zahara, Knox and the others did today?

PG: Mind you the smallest one doesn’t seem to be growing at all. Or is it just the taller ones making him look small in comparison?

PB: (ignores him) It’s obvious they’re all going to be extremely important artists. Maddox is so sensitive, Knox is a born sculptor and god only knows what the others are capable of.

PG: Still, small, large, they’re all much of a muchness visually.

PB: (ignores him) And draw. They all draw like angels.

PG: Two eyes, a nose… that sort of thing.

PB: (ignores him) If only other parents were as lucky as we are to have that sort of creativity to tap into.

PG: And they all move pretty much the same way, one foot after the other.

PB: (ignores him) If only there was some way we could show their talent to the world.

PG: Arms swinging, that sort of thing.

PB: (ignores him) I know! I could get their drawings, their sweet little flowers, and animals and drums, embroidered on my wedding gown.

And that is what she did.