Wednesday, September 10, 2014

By the numbers: International edition

1      the number of works by Claude Monet found in the suitcase  Nazi-era art dealer Cornelius Gurlitt took with him to hospital

2      the number of bedrooms in über art collector Jon Shirley’s 2,500 square meter house in Seattle

3.9   the difference in billions of dollars between the appraisals of the collection of the Detroit Institute of Art by its two official valuers

18    the number in thousands of dollars a day lost by the National Gallery in London when it limited visitors to its Leonardo da Vinci exhibition

19     the number of cities in 11 countries that have had Florentijn Hofman's giant rubber ducky float on one of their waterways

38    the number of labels throughout the Louvre in thousands

92    the number in millions of visitors to the Metropolitan Museum's Facebook page each year

119   the number of works that will remain in New York artist Andres Serrano’s exhibition in Corsica if the Catholic organisation Cristiani Corsi have their way and his 1987 work Piss Christ is removed

178    the number of countries that placed pre-orders for Finnish stamps featuring images by artist Touko Laaksonen better known as Tom of Finland.

287   the number of full page ads in the September edition of Artforum

720   the amount in millions of dollars the auction house Sotheby’s has put aside to guarantee items in their sales