Monday, January 20, 2014

Start spreading the news

It’s a dream come true and it’s been achieved virtually overnight. Te Papa has established a robust Regional Gallery Network. Yes, 33 (count ‘em) buildings branded with the Te P thumb strategically dotted throughout New Zealand. “The Te Papa: Art Regional Gallery network has a commitment to showing a wide variety of art media from a range of eras – from historical to contemporary – with an emphasis on works about and by artists from the region.”

For close watchers of Te Papa the speed of this national roll-out may come as rather a surprise but think about it. With the new network Te Papa will be able to respond quickly to the urgent requests that come in daily from the regions. “Can we get Michael Stevenson’s Trekka here pronto” “the far North wants to see more of et al. and they want to see it now”.

But don’t just sit there. Check here for details and venues near you. 

NOTE: Since posting this  story Te Papa (possibly concerned that people might believe that the idea of their having a regional presence was all true) has evidently asked the site to put up the disclaimer "This website is an artwork intended to question a leading New Zealand art institution by suggestion. The idea is fictional yet we, the artists, believe it is in fact plausible, and even essential, to ensure that our National Collection is given safer storage and made more accessible to all New Zealanders."

Images: Top left Te Papa in Fiordland and right Bay of Islands with prospective sculpture park out front. Bottom Te Papa Southland and drawings for Te Papa Wairoa as part of a new culture precinct development