Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Last year we promised to make some the photos we've taken over the years available. They reflect our own interests and friendships, of course, and the picture they show of NZ art is idiosyncratic to say the least, but the passing of time has given them added interest. Thanks to the agreement of the artists involved, these images are now freely available to anyone who finds them of use.

As we've been doing this a long time what you see now is just a sample (Clairmont 71-78, Cotton 94, 03, Dashper 85-88, Dawson 91, Driver 08-11, Freeman 94, Harris 89-06, Peryer 85-12, Shannon 89, 93) so we'll be adding images throughout the year. When you visit you will see we have also included a number one-off photos of artists and art world people we've met under a 'portraits' section. If you have any thoughts on how this site could be improved let us know. Hope you enjoy it.

The pics can be found on or, if you hate typing, click this link to go direct

Images: Top left to right, Phil Clairmont hiding behind Jackson Pollock’s Tate Gallery catalogue in 1978 and Marie Shannon in her Richmond Road studio in 1989. Middle, Neil Dawson’s studio during the construction of Paua for the Auckland Civic Centre in 1991. Bottom left, Julian Dashper in his studio in Richmond Road, Auckland, 1988 and Jeffery Harris’s studio in Dunedin in 2006.