Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Great art, pity about the room

As more art museums put their collections online we're starting to see a new style of curating (or maybe gathering is a better word) art into fresh and sometimes surprising combinations. Without the rules, conformity and second guessing that marks so much curation, artists and others outside the institutions can play with art works in ways not possible until now.

Great art in ugly rooms (coming at you with hefty humour) is a great example of dizzy decontextualizing - or is that recontextualising? It also serves to show how deadening the white cube has become.  From stylish and respectful to plain old boring. There's a rising interest in ugly. You can start with Robert Storr on the word - "Ugliness doesn't get its due. Ugliness is one of the main qualities of art. Key examples would be Goya and Picasso.”

Great art in ugly rooms. Check it out, somewhere in there has got to be a pony.