Thursday, May 10, 2012

Walking the plank

On 3 September 2009 we published the first of the OTN Art in the Workplace series: art at work in the foyers of the world. Since then there have been 35 of them (they aren’t that hard to find). 

Now in a grim copycatting venture “Foyers in Wellington's central business district are about to become art galleries as a new tour opens them up to visitors.” That's from Brent of the Property Council who's in charge. Brent is even going to print a walking map for tourists. 

The Foyers of Wellington tour is being set up to coincide with Wearable Art in September. Brent reckons "what's going to come out of it is what makes Wellington different." 

What can we say? We’re sorry. They were meant to be a joke. 

 Image: OTN’s first foyer art shot from 2009