Monday, May 07, 2012


"The gentrification of contemporary art itself is an old story in two parts. Part one is about a 20th-century model of an avant-garde, with artists as feisty cultural delinquents and idiot savants who set themselves outside the mainstream to make baffling things and think deep thoughts. In part two, set in the 21st century, the model has changed. Now artists, whether they know it or not, are worker bees in an art-industrial hive. Directed by dealers and collectors who dress like stylish accountants, they turn out predictable product for high-profile, high-volume fairs like Frieze."
Holland Cotter on Art Fairs in the NYT. You can read more here 

Image: ex Govett-Brewster director and curator Greg Burke finds himself in the NY Times as he visits the Frieze Art Fair. The installation is Trabantimino by Liz Cohen