Monday, May 14, 2012

The chair is the same but not as this is

One of our very early posts (number 43 for OTN statisticians) back in 2006 was about a visit we made to search out ex National Art Gallery curator Gary Sangster. At the time he was running Headlands, an artists residency just out of San Francisco. When we made it out there our attention was caught by the dining room that had been ‘arranged’ by the American artist Anne Hamilton. She had selected an eclectic assortment of chairs, cutlery, crockery and kitchen utensils from locals and artists who’d been at Headlands to fit out the area. 

Yesterday we saw this idea taken to its logical and hilarious conclusion by Martin Creed in the restaurant Sketch in London. Creed has ensured that there isn’t a single object in the room that is the same as any other. Every glass, fork, table, napkin, vase, plate is different. The effect is surprisingly cozy, Martin Kippenberger meets high tea. 

Images: table arrangements at Sketch