Thursday, August 04, 2011

Fair go

The Auckland Art Fair is open and a very social affair it is. Internationally most art fairs are dominated by collectors and dealers but last night were artists everywhere and all seemed to be having a very good time. As for the art, it was variable as usual. You could certainly feel for the guy who was complaining in the media a while back about being left out. There probably was a bottom line but it was impossible to tell where it was. If there was a theme it would have to be monochrome. One wit dubbed it ‘Pale blue-chip.’
Robert Heald had a very smart looking stand as did Hamish McKay, Sue Crockford, Starkwhite and Jonathan Smart. Michael Lett offered a solo presentation of Campbell Patterson who had turned up with towels covered with spots made from spit and sultana bran. They looked terrific and most had sold on the opening night. Patterson had also rushed in an hour before the opening to deliver his latest video made today (it’s 11.55pm as we write this). Hard to tell how much business was being done but most booths looked busy.

The oddest feature was probably the VIP lounge which loomed above the crowd with floor to ceiling windows. The VIPs pressed their noses against the glass longingly staring down at the fun below (just kidding). Not the most tactful metaphor in the world and exacerbated by a huge staircase from the lounge down into the Fair itself.

The evening ended with what looked like everybody heading off to the Hopkinson Cundy Lett party at Swashbucklers. You had to be there.

Len Lye Centre Part 2 Monday

Image: Left, the VIP lounge in the sky. Right, VIPs descending the staircase