Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Battle stations

If you’re talking reality TV art stars, the place to watch them shine and burn is Work of Art: the Next Great Artist. It’s the show where 14 young, preferably good-looking, art students strive to impress art critics and “battle it out for a solo show at the Brooklyn Museum and a cash prize of $100,000”. They also have the opportunity to stick the knife into each other under the guise of sincere ‘helpful’ comments and generally behave in the tradition of MasterChef, Project Runway or Apprentice competitors. Guess we’ll have our on version soon if TVNZ can get over its copycat shame but in the meantime we have a foot in the door thanks to our man Young Sun. Formerly of City Art Rooms Gallery in Auckland, he's lined up as a contestant on Season 2. You can check out his bio for the show here and stand in awe at the transformation of his NZ experience into US TV street cred. The programme which claims to bring "fine art dialogue to the forefront of pop culture“ kicks off 12 October in the US.
Image: Young Sun in obligatory raspberry pants struts his stuff on his bio page (Thanks S)

Thanks for the shout-out. During the show, you will see me talk about my experiences in NZ, probably photos from my most recent visit there, and many of my outfits are NZ fashions -- WORLD Man and Michael Pattison in particular. I hope you enjoy the show when it airs. It's a beautiful train-wreck with sporadic moments of realness. Pop meets life meets Pop-tards. I'll be posting about episodes on my own blog this October: jetlaglover.blogspot.com