Friday, July 08, 2011

Sole mates

If you love shoes with red soles you’ll already know about Christian Louboutin. This year the magic Christian has teamed up with photographer Peter Lippmann and a bunch of dead artists (Whistler, Corot, de La Tour and Co.) to recreate paintings with living models

The results are fashionably spooky and often, as in the case of Arrangement in Grey and Black, weirdly perfect (until you check with the original side-by-side that is). Back in the day (the early 19th century day) Tableau Vivant was all the rage as a public spectacle and parlour game. “Hey Jess, let’s get the gang together and do the raft of the Medusa” sort of thing. Now it’s down to advertising snazzy shoes. That's entertainment.

Images: Top, Peter Lippmann’s version of James Whistler’s Arrangement in Grey and Black and bottom Whistler’s effort.