Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Art on the doll

If your daughter’s room is already chocka with Muka prints and you can’t get her interested in any of the Walters Prize winners, try brightening her day with an art doll from Mattel. We’re not talking regular dolls here but rather, as the Mattel people say, “an amazing fusion of fashion and fine art.”

In the recently launched Art Museum collection you can choose from three Barbies inspired by Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt or Leonardo da Vinci. The Van Gogh model is basic blonde (both ears intact) in a Starry Night dress but the Klimt makes an attempt to go for a Kiss hair-do along with the well-known patterned gown. The da Vinci Barbie could be any brunette American Mom waiting at the front door in her housecoat.

And if architecture is your thing there is also a Barbie channelling the Sydney Opera House.
Images: Front to back, Barbie Klimt, Barbie van Gogh and Barbie da Vinci