Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Peace and love

Imagine it. You’re the Government. “Get me the Ministry of Culture,” you bark down the phone. “Listen, I want you to get to work on how we'll celebrate this list of anniversaries over the next five years.” “Of course, Minister. Cultural events are they?” “Don’t be stupid.”

And here is the list that has been drawn up of government-approved New Zealand's anniversary celebrations for the next five years. There are 30 of them with 11 designated as ‘major’.

In summary there are:
21 associated with war
2 inspired by exploration
3 relating to Pacific Island affairs
1 Maori related
1 educational
1 for the Queen
1 for gold rushing

Of the 11 ‘major’ events all but one (you guessed it, the Queen’s one) are war related.

Images top, Rongopai marae built 1888, National Art Gallery established 1913. Bottom, National Museum established 1865 and Auckland Art Gallery 1888.