Thursday, December 30, 2010

A standard lamp

If you live in Wellington you know the Governor General is in residence if the flag is flying over Government House. It’s the same for the Queen and her various palaces. The rest of us have to leave the porch light on or rely on the blue glow of the TV through a window to signal we're home. 

If you want to know if artist Piero Golia is in LA simply drive down Sunset to the West Hollywood Standard Hotel. On the roof Neopolitan Goplia has erected a large lamp that is only turned on when he is in the city. The work is called Luminous Sphere. How often will the lamp shine? Golia, according to collaborating architect Peter Zellner, "travels a lot to Europe but he's here a few weeks a month on and off."
Images: Top, Luminous Sphere off. Bottom, Luminous Sphere on (simulation only)