Monday, December 27, 2010

Half empty

As a progressive parent how often have you thought your child should have the opportunity to make large glass art works in the style of Dale Chihuly? More than once perhaps. And, when the thought struck, wouldn’t you have been enchanted to come across the Chihuly Art Kit, ‘an interactive story based on the life of Dale Chihuly’? The bright orange pack features an image of the eye-patched-one crouching among some of his less extravagant glass pieces staring straight into the camera. 

Would you buy a Chihuly Art Kit from this man? Sure you would. But you’d be in for bitter disappointment if you thought that your kid was going to drum up a glass vase or two as a result. The kit actually contains some paint brushes, a couple of tubes of paint, a watercolour set and paper. Whoops. It’s just Kindy in a canvas bag.