Tuesday, December 07, 2010

One hundred million dollars...

The $100 million it is proposed will be needed to build a new National Art Gallery to sit alongside Te Papa would:

• Purchase 49 paintings of the half-clothed Poedua by John Webber

• Fall $21 million short of building the new Auckland Art Gallery

• Pay for 133 harbour side homes for the National Portrait Galleries

• Secure the winning bid for 174.5 portraits by C F Goldie from Dame Kiri Te Kanawa’s collection at auction

• Be only around $9 million shy of matching all the funding Government has spent on museum and gallery building projects this century
(our independent OTN research team have conveniently posted a rough listing here on OTN Stuff)

• Help CNZ fund the NBR New Zealand Opera for 43.5 years

• Give you entry to Te Papa’s European Masters exhibition 4.5 million times

• Pay for all Creative NZ’s contestable funding for 6 years

• Allow you to commission three Damien Hirst diamond skulls and still have $300,000 change in your pocket

• Send artists to represent NZ at every Venice Biennale until the year 2200