Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Now you see it, now you don’t

Bizarro World is home to Bizarro, a comic book legend. This alternate ‘superman’ (thanks to a collision with a meteorite) has powers opposite to those of the man of steel. Bizarro has freeze vision rather than heat vision, flame breath instead of frost breath and x-ray vision that penetrates lea. Bizarro also inspired a great Ronnie van Hout sculpture.

And we’re telling you this because?

Late last year we saw a video clip of Curator Rudolf Frieling discussing Hans Haacke’s installation News, at SFMOMA. The Haacke piece is a live feed of news, printed continuously during the length of the exhibition.


... Fiona Connor is showing Notes on Half the Page at Gambia Castle in Auckland. This installation is made up of news stands Connor has duplicated from the huge variety she has seen on her travels. But, where Haacke exhibits all the news, Connor exhibits none of it. The news stands are empty.

For more on Connor’s installation at Gambia Castle here’s an interesting review by John Hurrell. You can see pics of both works here on OTN Stuff.
Image: Bizarrow busy at work creating all the news that's fit to tnirp