Wednesday, February 04, 2009

In a roundabout sort of way

About a year ago we set out in search of art collector David Trebletsky but couldn’t find him anywhere. Very mysterious, even Google let us down. Duh, we had spelled his name wrong. That makes a difference. One thing we did get right though was reporting a meeting that Teplitzky (yes, that’s correct) had with Paula Savage. Over the last few years Teplitzky has been buying a lot of New Zealand art works, Pule, Cotton, Heaphy, Parekowhai (there is a theme here), to mix with a collection of Asian and Australian art. The result is an exhibition called Roundabout that we are picking to fill the City Gallery when it re-opens later this year. The Roundabout site does say “Opening at the City Gallery 2010”, but Paula Savage in response to our inquiry told us she could “make no comment until we sign contracts.” We’re taking that as a yes.
Image: From the Roundabout front page featuring the artists in the exhibition