Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Branching out

Fair enough, we started it, but it was just meant as a bit of fun. The idea that there were horses, chimps, elephants and earthworms working away all but unacknowledged in attics and stables around the world was irresistible. The result? Our much loved series on animals making art. And let’s not forget you, the fans who emailed stories of elephants in Bangkok (that trunk has got to be a hand in a sock) and, testing the outer limits, the painting snail. Now, a regular reader “S” (who from memory pulled the snail stunt) has sent in a painting tree. Well “S” your contribution is important to us. We know you could have sent the Larch artist to another blog. Maybe next time.
Images: Top, a tree painting en plein air. Bottom left to right works by a Larch and a couple of conifers. More tree art here.