Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Where in the world is David Trebletsky?

You can Google the name David Trebletsky as much as you like, but you’ll get nowhere, well we didn’t (maybe we have the spelling wrong – anyone?). But recently, in Auckland, that was the name we heard everywhere we went.
“Trebletsky? … huge private art collection. Close, Kapoor, Murakami, Nara, Haring.”
“You must have passed him as you came in, he just left.”
“Trebletsky’s buying work by Kahukiwa, Lionel Grant, Michael Parekowhai, lots of Chris Heaphys and Jacqueline Fraser.” (Do we sense a theme here?)
“I heard that Trebletsky and Paula Savage have had talks about his show going to the City Gallery.”
“Queensland Art Gallery’s doing something with Trebletsky. He’s putting together an exhibition from his collection and touring it round the world. At the end of the tour he wants to sell it to a public institution.”
“I think he lives in Singapore. His wife used to work for Larry Gagosian.”
“He’s the one with Polynesian tattoos you see around the dealer galleries. I heard he bought a big Shane Cotton at auction.”

Image: not David Trebletsky