Friday, March 07, 2008

What's my line?

For one day today, Wellington the capital of pointy sculpture and relational aesthetics, will be the venue for the Litmus Research Initiative’s One Day Sculpture. Throughout the day, or parts of it, the artist Roman Ondak’s work Good Feelings in Good Times will be performed in the city. Good Feelings… is on loan from the Tate in London and takes the form of a queue of people. Ondak calls it ‘taking a line for a walk’. Unfortunately, unless you are a member of the Litmus Club, or chance on the work, there doesn’t seem to be any way to know where or when the queues will form. We assume, however, the media will be alerted and those in the know will take photographs. Good Feelings in Good Times is being curated by Claire Doherty who is a Senior Research Fellow at Bristol UWE and Director of Situations. You can read her blog here. A one day sculpture site with details about the project is set to start publishing today but, as at 8pm on 11 March, is not working.
Image: Good Feelings in Good Times (artist’s impression)