Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hats off

Last week a Goldie painting, estimated at 240-280K (itself a wide enough margin for error one would have thought) sold for $400,000 ($454,00 with commissions). Even this price is around $50,000 shy of the figure the then-National Art Gallery (like so many national institutions, always a trend setter in pricing) paid 18 years ago for an admittedly bigger Goldie. It’s been a long haul getting to I-told-you-so prices on CF but, so long as we don’t do mean things like insist on dollar value corrections, the end may be in sight.
Image: The Goldie [Detail]
Oh, oh. It's only 8.15 am and an OTN reader tells us, "Goldie's Te Aho O Te Rangi Wharepu sold for $589,625 at Fishersonline in April 2004, the current auction record." Ok, so now this story is only about Goldies at auction.