Thursday, July 05, 2007


An update email from CNZ the other day, on the Trip of a Lifetime Tour. Apparently, in the Tour’s discussions with the Director of Documenta, members were able to determine the number of New Zealand art publications held in the Documenta archive. Of the three, two were the catalogues Toi Toi Toi and et al. the fundamental practice (both donated by Rene Block, Toi Toi Toi curator and et al. supporter). The third, a book, was Contemporary Painting in New Zealand by Michael Dunn. CNZ’s email noted that the Tour lodged a copy of Speculation in the archive increasing New Zealand’s holdings by 25 per cent. CNZ is now calling for anyone with publications on New Zealand art they regard as significant, to send them to the archive.
Image: Trip of a Lifetime Tour members meet with Documenta director (Reconstruction)