Thursday, July 26, 2007

Show time

Today's the day the Trip of a Lifetime Tour travellers have to pay the Piper, and hand in personal reports on their tax payer funded trip to the Venice Biennale, Art Basel, Liste, Volta, Scope, Documenta and Sculpture Projects Muenster 07. We have asked CNZ for copies of the reports so we can share highlights with you. We have also requested the timetable and process for the Reference Group's (three women museum directors: Tina Barton, Rhana Devenport and Jenny Harper, a couple of artists: Gavin Hipkins and Riki Manuel and a curator: Jim Vivieaere) review. CNZ have asked the TOALT team to report to the next meeting of the visual arts reference group in October 2007. Of course this is the second review of Venice requested by CNZ. The first was commissioned from Australian consultants SGS Economics and Planning Pty Ltd. That report strongly recommended a return to Venice but as far as we can see is no longer available on the CNZ web site.
UPDATE: The first report has been found by one of our readers. You can read it here.
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